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Jared Witt

Jared Witt is the Safety and Stewardship Officer for Addiction Recovery Care. Jared works with ARC’s workforce through the office of the CEO, to ensure that there is a safe environment for clients and staff alike. He also works to ensure that as a collective, ARC is actively being good stewards of the people and assets that we have been entrusted with.

Jared knows that the work that Addiction Recovery Care is doing is changing lives. He has been a part of that since the day he came onboard as Residential Staff at Lake Hills Oasis in 2014. Jared says “The grace of God has truly changed my life. There is no better place to be, than in a company whose chief goal is to show the love and grace of God that leads to hope. This hope was shared with me and a great day looks like a day where I can pass that hope along.  I enjoy every day of work here and I know that every project and task is building the kingdom of God, one person at a time.”

Since his time with Addiction Recovery Care, Jared has served in several different roles, including the Director of Lake Hills Oasis in Somerset, KY and Beth’s Blessing in Annville, KY.  Currently, in addition to being the Safety and Stewardship Officer, Jared works with the project team which develops properties into new center locations.