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Ashlea Leslie

Ashlea Leslie is a Billing Services Supervisor for Addiction Recovery Care who works alongside revenue cycle, utilization review, billing management, directors and administrative personnel. Ashlea plays a key role in the audit of billable services, reviewing provider documents and administrative data to ensure compliance and quality assurance within the organization.

Ashlea, having been a Karen’s Place graduate in 2013, strives to carry out the mission of Addiction Recovery Care in all aspects of her career.  Ashlea believes each individual who enters the doors of a treatment facility is destined for a life of abundance. Ashlea knows that with hard work and dedication anything you set your mind to can be achieved.

Creativity, drive, and leading my example, are just a few of Ashlea’s strengths. Ashlea thrives on facing challenges and creating better processes to expand the company and her colleagues potential.  

Ashlea has been recently awarded Addiction Recovery Care’s Alumni of the Year for outstanding achievements as well as awards for her compassion and drive from previous positions within Addiction Recovery Care. Ashlea also became a certified Peer Support Specialist in 2016.

Ashlea is currently working towards completing a degree in Business Administration.