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Alanna Garden

Alanna Garden serves as Director of Education and Career Services helping ARC clients navigate the path from crisis to career. Inspiring clients to become students, then graduates and ultimately employees is based on the belief that each person was created with a divine destiny.

Operating under the conviction that with creative support systems, sincere peer-to-peer mentorship, and a clear career path, barriers can be overcome and dreams once thought dead can actually be brought to life again.

The ability to work with a broad spectrum of age groups has been achieved by serving in administrative and/or executive positions in multiple educational and 501c3 service orientated organizations. A particular passion exists for agencies, both startup or well established, with a strong focus on social services addressing current societal needs.

Alanna has an AS in Data Processing from Ambassador College. Developing a referral agency for those seeking treatment for substance abuse led to her involvement with Addiction Recovery Care where she has served in various leadership roles.

With a keen eye for detail and intense focus, coordinating large scale events has not only showcased her commitment to quality and excellence but also the ability to motivate teams of people to work toward a common goal resulting in the professional presentation of her employers on a public stage.